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Grade 7 Linguistic Skills

If you are doing Grade 7, you’ll find these materials extremely helpful!
In this set of materials, we’ll try to get you acquainted with the most important linguistic elements you need to excel in your English exams.
In order to make it easier to follow, we’ve classified your needful materials. For each section, standard questions are raised, and detailed explanations are provided to make sure a sound understanding of the questions is earned.

Questions on Analogy

An analogy is the comparison in which ideas or things are compared with one another. The ultimate purpose of doing analogy questions and finding the relationship between ideas is to boost students’ critical thinking abilities.
Here you can find a short quiz on this subject matter.

For each statement, select the answer choice that best completes the meaning of the sentence.

1. Pianist is to hands as

a. ballerina is to feet

b. scientist is to library

c. hospital is to doctors

d. artists is to face

2. Pound is to weight as

a. inch is to foot

b. tall is to height

c. mile is to distance

d. money is to rich

3. Mammal is to human as

a. apple is to fruit

b. avarice is to gluttony

c. philosopher is to knowledge

d. goat is to sheep

4. Yawn is to sleepy as fidget is to

a. angry

b. depressed

c. lonely

d. restless

5. Remorseful is to unrepentant as

a. wily is to sly

b. miserable is to somber

c. slender is to stout

d. lithe is to flexible

6. pencil is to writing as

a. sunlight is to raining

b. mop is to cleaning

c. apron is to cooking

d. chocolate is to sweetness

7. Deer is to forest as

a. apple is to fruit

b. whale is to ocean

c. lion is to tiger

d. cage is to bird

Answer Explanations
Some of the most common analogy types are as follows:

Analogy Type




X is the opposite of Y

Success is to failure as joy is to sadness.


X is the same as Y

Drought is to dryness as damp is to wet.


To be X is to be extremely Y

Furious is to angry as enormous is to large.


An X is a kind of Y

Sonnet is to poem as elm is to tree.


An X is part of a Y

Chapter is to book as singer is to chorus.


An X is used to Y

Pen is to write as shovel is to dig.

Specific Purpose

An X is used to measure Y

Yardstick is to length as scale is to weight.

Cause & Effect

An X elicits Y

Humorous is to laughter as pathetic is to pity

Worker & Tool

An X uses Y to do Z

Teacher is to the marker as sculptor is to chisel

1. A
It is a Worker & Tool analogy type. A pianist uses her hands to play music; a ballerina uses her feet to perform ballet dance.
2. C
It is a Specific Purpose analogy type. Pound is a unit of measurement for weight; mile is a unit of measurement for distance.
3. A
It is a Categorization analogy type. Human is a kind of mammal; apple is a kind of fruit.
4. D
It is a Cause & Effect analogy type. Yawning is the result of being sleepy; fidgeting is the result of being restless.
5. A
It is an Antonym analogy type. Remorseful and unrepentant are antonymous; slender and stout are opposite too.
6. B
It is a Purpose analogy type. A pencil is used for writing; a mop is used for cleaning.
7. B
It is a Part/Whole analogy type. A deer inhabits in a forest; a whale inhabits in an ocean.


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