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小学法语课堂专用教材Nouveau jus d'orange简介

2019-07-12 法语 阅读
Nouveau Jus d'orange(2019) is the 2ndedition of a French textbook for children who are 7 to 10 years old, which brings communication and action into the French classroom. In this new edition, there are six units for a better content distribution and more desirable progression. In addition, there are various games and songs which increase the joy of learning lots of useful words and grammatical points. Multiple interdisciplinary activities, numerous games pages and cultural discoveries, and a training DELF Junior are included in this series which comes with a multimedia DVD and an interactive digital version of the workbook. These amazing features coupled with positive feedback from our students have made Nouveau Jus d'orangeone of the key coursebooks taught at ForBest Academy!
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