Go abroad to study abroad which country is good? U.S.A graduates to have the opportunity to obtain the work to sign, is worth considering oh! We only offer study in U.S.A.
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  • Rich admission channels

    Enter the university that read Canadian undergraduate course to have direct admit, double admit, the way such as preparatory course is very rich to be able to choose.

    Evaluation plan
  • First-class teaching level

    Canadian universities are all public schools with first-class academic standards and the world's best education quality.

    Test acceptance rate
  • 3 years work sign

    Students who have completed a bachelor's degree or above in U.S.A can apply for a work visa for up to 3 years upon graduation.

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  • Loose immigration policy

    1 year working experience can apply for experience immigration; Most provinces can apply for immigration only if they find a job and do not specify working hours.

    Immigration policy

High school to apply for

Scenario A: direct application

Suits the crowd:Junior high school graduate。

Application advantage:Get away from the spoon-feeding education at home and receive top education as soon as possible, so as to make academic and language preparation for entering overseas famous universities.

Me for?
Plan B:The international school

Suits the crowd:Junior high school graduates, high school transfer students, overseas art students.

Application advantage:Better integration of overseas courses, away from domestic cramming education, reflecting the British culture.

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Undergraduate applications

Plan A: preparatory courses

Suits the crowd:Students with a high school diploma or above。

Application advantage:English undergraduate courses springboard, application is relatively easy, to avoid the Chinese college entrance examination.

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Plan B: Undergraduate course straight"

Suits the crowd:Applicable to students who have completed their freshman or sophomore courses in China.

Application advantage:Save time and money, shorten the time of undergraduate study in the UK, easy to enter the world's elite, professional choice.

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Master's application

Plan A: preparatory + master

Suits the crowd:College graduate/undergraduate student or graduate。

Application advantage:Entrance threshold is low, lay a foundation for applying for famous school, degree is high gold content。

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Plan B: Master straight"

Suits the crowd:Undergraduate students or graduates, academic, professional, language scores excellent students。

Application advantage:School system 1 year, short class hour, high gold content. Application time is early, the success rate of admission is high。

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High school application requirements Undergraduate application requirements Master application requirements
Academic performance In the last three semesters, the average score of all subjects is 80%, and more than 85% are competitive. High school/college entrance examination/hkcee average score of 85 points or above, 88 points or above competitive. Some schools require GRE for science and engineering majors, with a score of more than 1300; The GMAT is for MBA/ accounting/finance applicants with a minimum score of 550.
Standardized tests. No requirement, ielts 5.5 or above is helpful. Ielts 6.5, no less than 6.0 or toefl 86, no less than 22. Ielts at 6.5, single no less than 6.0 or toefl 90, single no less than 22 points.
The application materials Document writing (resume, personal statement, recommendation letter, etc.), extracurricular activities, special talents, etc. Document writing (resume, personal statement, recommendation letter, etc.), extracurricular practical activities, internship experience, academic background, special talents, etc Document writing (resume, personal statement, recommendation letter, etc.), extracurricular practical activities, internship experience, academic background, application paper, special talents, etc
Suits the crowd Graduated from junior high school with excellent performance and good family economy; I graduated from the second or third year of high school or am studying in a university. I have excellent academic performance and good knowledge of English and mathematics. Bachelor's degree, or junior or senior students.
  • Undergraduate tuition

    I went to U.S.A to study for my bachelor's degree. The annual tuition is between 18,000 Canadian dollars and 25,000 Canadian dollars, and the tuition of some famous universities is around 30,000 Canadian dollars.

    The tuition fees?
  • Undergraduate cost of living

    Two meals are provided in the dormitory, which costs about 6,000 Canadian dollars a year. The host family provides three meals, which cost about 8,000 Canadian dollars a year. About 4,800-7,200 Canadian dollars a year.

    Cost-of-living difference
  • Medical insurance premium

    International student reads undergraduate course to U.S.A, the proposal when enter a school pays medical treatment insurance. The medical insurance premium is about 800 Canadian dollars a year.

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