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您可以访问我们的网站去了解更多的雅思考试示例。 大温哥华地区的居民还可以联系我们在Richmond的一个本地办公室,提供完全免费的雅思测试(4项技能),并获得有关其写作和口语技能的详细反馈和获得针对每种技能免费尝试的雅思课程!

IELTS Speaking section interview score 7.5 with a candidate from China: the questions are on money, discussions, discussions of different matters with family and friends, and communication skills and the impacts of technology on how people will communicate. 
You can refer to for more IELTS speaking samples. Residents in Greater Vancouver area can also contact one of our local offices in Richmond to sit an IELTS Mock test (4 skills) totally free of charge and receive detailed feedback on their writing and speaking skills or receive free IELTS trial sessions for each skill! 


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