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思培 > 思培口语:Task 6 处理难题

思培口语:Task 6 处理难题

2021-09-28 思培 阅读


思培,全称为Canadian English Language Proficiency Index Program. 思培考试适用于加拿大的移民和入籍,相比于雅思考试,更侧重于生活和加拿大的风土人情。思培分为移民(General Test)和入籍(General LS Test)两种考试。入籍思培考试只需完成听力和口语,移民则需要完成听说读写四项。






Task 6

Dealing with a Difficult Situation


Preparation Time: 60 Seconds


Response Time: 60 Seconds



You recently borrowed your neighbor’s barbecue and she needs it back today. You cannot access the barbecue on your balcony because you have lost the key to the balcony door. The only way to get it is to go through the backyard and up the fire escape stairs, but your landlord has a strict rule against doing so.


Choose ONE:
Talk to your landlord. Tell him why you have to break the rule.
Talk to your neighbor. Tell her why you can’t return her barbecue today.






CLB 9分回答 


Dear Neighbor,

I do apologize to you for the inconvenience. I know you need your barbecue today, but the thing is it’s in the balcony and I’m afraid I’ve lost the key to the balcony. The issue is the only way to get access to the balcony is through the backyard and up the fire escape stairs, but it’s strongly forbidden by the landlord, and I don’t like to give my landlord a negative impression by breaking the rule. Besides, if I’m caught violating his rule, I’ll have to pay a big penalty of $200. I know it has nothing to do with you but I’m sure you’re considerate enough to see my situation.

By the way, once again, I do extend my sincere apologies to you, and I promise to get the balcony’s key tomorrow to retrieve your barbecue. In case the landlord has lost the spare key, I’ll get a locksmith to do the job today, so you’ll have your barbecue tomorrow, whatsoever.

To return your favor, I’ll buy some burger, sausage, and refreshment to throw a small barbecue party in your yard next weekend.

Thanks for understanding and appreciate your patience.


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