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Handwriting & Calligraphy Course

Teachers often complain about student’s bad handwriting and see it as a sign of being disorganized or even careless. But why does it matter?
Handwriting is one of the most critical skills for both children and adults.
In the case of young children, handwriting plays a far more crucial role in the activation of the brain than keyboarding does since it demands the use of a wider range of higher-order motor and cognitive skills.
This skill is a major contributor to the development of reading fluency in that it necessitates the visual perception of letters; therefore, it makes identifying alphabet letters and words much easier which is central to understanding languages better. What’s more, it can improve written communications skills as it increases children’s ability to express their thoughts.
书写技能是进行流利阅读的一个重要条件,它能锻炼学生对字母的视觉感知。 因此,掌握书写技能可以帮助学生更快速简单地识别字母和单词,更好地理解语言的核心。此外,它可以提高学生的书面沟通技巧,锻炼学生表达自身想法的能力。
Academic success
Good handwriting can be an indicator of students’ level of achievement in languages and other academic subjects. Despite the huge popularity of keyboarding in social contexts, handwriting is still the most dominant medium for responding to exam questions. Although it is not explicitly stated, good handwriting exerts a desirable impact on grades, whereas handwriting deemed not legible puts students’ essays at a disadvantage.
Out of school
Excluding TOEFL, CELPIP, and GRE, the majority of standardized English tests that assess candidates writing skills, such as SAT and SSAT as well as IELTS, are still paper-delivered. It goes without saying that when students fail to meet the legibility criteria, their scores will suffer greatly. On the other hand, neat and clean handwriting can create a positive impression on writing examiners, especially if you are hoping to get a higher band score. In fact, handwriting can add value to what has been written.
除托福, 思培 和GRE考试外,大多数评估考生写作技能的标准化英语考试(如SAT和SSAT以及雅思)仍是笔试形式。因此,当学生的作文不符合易读性的标准时,他们的分数会受到很大的影响。另外,整洁干净的笔迹也可以给考官留下正面的印象,当你希望获得高分时,这种好的印象尤其重要。事实上,优美的书写可以增加所写内容的价值。
Trainers, managers, business marketers, and professors all need to write their ideas as they are required to do presentations from time to time. Clear handwriting projects confidence and greatly enhances the image of the presenter.
Cursive handwriting
Only a small percentage of students can write in this style because it demands a fair amount of training and practice as it involves more advanced motor cognitive skills. Although not everyone is required to adopt this style of writing, almost everyone who is using English and other European languages is expected to read and understand texts written following cursive style.
Try to read the following passage.

If it takes you longer than normal to read this letter or some parts of it are not readable to you, then you might consider enrolling in a calligraphy class to get familiar with the rules of cursive writing and hopefully adopt this style of writing sometime soon.
Notwithstanding teacher’s overall dissatisfaction with students, more often than not, schools and academies tend to overlook the significance of good handwriting and a clear void exists for handwriting courses. At ForBest Academy, we understand the importance of this skill and we have designed a highly effective course taught by experienced teachers who have mastered this art and are ready to transfer their knowledge to those wishing to acquire new skills.
尽管老师对学生的书写水平总体上不满意,但造成这一状况的原因却是学校自身忽视了书写的重要性,没有书法的相关课程。而ForBest 学院重视学生的书写,开设了由经验丰富的教师讲授书法课程。讲师们对字母书写这门艺术都有着很深的造诣,我们希望本课程能帮助更多学生写的一手好字。

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