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SAT, School Assessment Test, commonly known as the “American College Entrance Examination”. It held seven times a year on US territory, and six times a year elsewhere. The SAT score is an important reference for high school students from all over the world to apply for universities admission. The total score of SAT is 1600.
SAT is divided into SAT1 and SAT2. In generally, American universities only need to provide SAT1 scores, and only a few schools require SAT2 scores.

  • SAT1: known as reasoning test.
  • SAT2: known as Subject Test, with math, physics, chemistry, biology and foreign languages.

SAT score is a significant reference to apply for admission and scholarships. 90% of the top universities require student’s SAT scores, because the SAT scores make non-American students enter the same admission platform as American students. SAT score is not mandatory, but it is almost impossible for students to be admitted to the top 100 universities if they don’t have it. Students with SAT scores are more preferred. There are seven chances to take the SAT every year. Students can take any test according to their actual situation. And can choose the most satisfactory one to send to the university. Having an excellent SAT score will greatly increase your chances of admission. Universities such as California Institute of Technology, Yale and Harvard university requires at least the score of 1450 in order to apply.

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