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What is AP?

Advanced Placement, The Pre-University Program, hosted by the College Board, is a university-level program offered to high school students in the United States and Canada. There are 34 courses in AP.

4 Benefits of Taking AP Classes in High School

1. It has great advantages when applying for university. Because American universities use students' performance in the AP exam as a basis for measuring whether they are qualified for university study.

2. After entering the university, you can get university credits, exempt from similar courses, and take advanced courses or skip classes early.

3. Graduation in advance, saving college tuition. The more AP courses you take, the more exempted college courses you have, and you can save a lot of tuition.

4. Students ca get In touch with universities courses in advance.
AP course has a score of 5. At present, more than 4000 universities in 22 countries recognize AP credits. A single course must be at least 3 points above the credit limit. Some schools will require at least 4 points before they can concert credits. The higher the score, the higher the credits are generally accepted. It can convert 3-6 university credits per AP course. different schools have different score requirements. The total number of transferable credits is generally no more than 30 credits, which is the student’s normal academic year. Students can enroll in the higher-level courses without studying the lower required one. AP also affects the GPA score. In regular course, A is counted as 4 points. AP course is counted as 5 points. AP students are able to get a higher GPA if they get a high mark. AP scores have become one of the most important but not necessary component for university admission. The most important thing is that no matter how many courses you choose, you should do it with good grades. If the GPA is not high enough, it will have a negative impact on the applicant.


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