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Mathematics is integral to every aspect of daily life. Mathematical skills are essential for solving problems in most areas of life and are part of human history. All peoples have used and continue to use mathematical knowledge and competencies to make sense of the world around them. Mathematical values and habits of mind go beyond numbers and symbols; they help us connect, create, communicate, visualize, and reason, as part of the complex process of problem solving. These habits of mind are valuable when analyzing both novel and complex problems from a variety of perspectives, considering possible solutions, and evaluating the effectiveness of the solutions. When developed early in life, mathematical habits of mind help us see the math in the world around us and help to generate confidence in our ability to solve everyday problems without doubt or fear of math. Observing, learning, and engaging in mathematical thinking empowers us to make sense of our world. For example, exploring the logic of mathematics through puzzles and games can foster a constructive mathematical disposition and result in a self-motivated and confident student with unique and individualized mathematical perspectives. Whether students choose to pursue a deeper or broader study in mathematics, the design of the Mathematics curriculum ensures that they are able to pursue their individual interests and passions while establishing a strong mathematical foundation.

Flexible Teaching and Learning

The Mathematics curriculum allows for instructional flexibility. For example, the curriculum components may be combined to provide a diverse range of learning opportunities. Within and across grades, there are multiple ways to combine learning standards to create lessons, units, and learning experiences, encouraging any and all approaches that support the growth and development of students’ mathematical understandings and skills. The focus on flexible teaching and learning enables teachers to confidently choose the strategies, resources, and applications best suited to the needs of students in their local setting (e.g., embedding mathematics in issues, projects, and passions relevant to the local community). It enables teachers to focus on “hands-on” experiential learning, by incorporating the learning of foundational skills through opportunities to encounter math in a wide variety of situational contexts. Explicit financial literacy components are included throughout the K-12 curriculum, as part of building a strong foundation of mathematical understanding and skills for every student. Regardless of the pathway students choose in Grades 11 and 12, they will share a common experience in the Mathematics curriculum that includes mathematical reasoning and probability/statistics, along with financial literacy components that have been customized to fit each area of specialty: Grade 11 courses (with the exception of History of Mathematics) share similar financial literacy concepts, with the structure and emphasis differing, based on the course. In Grade 12, both Apprenticeship Mathematics 12 and Foundations of Mathematics 12 continue financial literacy education. Apprenticeship Mathematics 12 emphasizes financial learning relevant to those pursuing the post-secondary apprenticeship path, and Foundations of Mathematics 12 continues to broaden student understanding in personal financial decision making.

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