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Josh Fernandez

Background:Software Systems and Interactive Arts and Technology from Simon Fraser University Teaching Interests:Computer Science
Josh is a graduate from Simon Fraser University, having completed his studies with concentrations in Software Systems and Interactive Arts and Technology. Throughout his university tenure, he devoted himself to the study and practical application of programming, software development, web development, graphic design, and the creation of web and mobile applications. Engaging actively as a Computer Science student, he engaged in a variety of projects, club activities, hackathons, and volunteer opportunities, each contributing to his acquisition of distinct insights and experiences that he eagerly wishes to impart to students.
Beyond his academic accomplishments, Josh also accumulated valuable co-op and work experience across diverse research and development environments. In these settings, he contributed to technical writing and computer programming teams. This exposure provided him with a strong foundation in project management practices, effective team collaboration, and adept navigation of technical and coding interview scenarios.
Guiding his approach to teaching and mentoring are the ensuing principles:
  • Passion and Enthusiasm: Josh exhibits profound curiosity in STEAM subjects, particularly mathematics and coding, and aspires to ignite the same level of enthusiasm in his students by sharing anecdotes and perspectives.
  • Creativity, Innovation, and Visual Thinking: Josh firmly believes in elucidating intricate concepts through uncomplicated examples, analogies, and visual aids. He also advocates for the utilization of suitable coding and educational tools, fostering growth through both challenges and experiential learning.
  • Hands-On Projects: Josh recognizes the unparalleled value of hands-on experience when it comes to learning coding. As a result, he encourages students to embrace small coding exercises and extensive projects, providing them with a glimpse into the life of a developer and the dynamics of collaborative teamwork.
  • Empathy, Patience, and Approachability: These foundational principles underscore Josh's teaching and mentoring strategy. He consistently strives to connect with students at their individual levels, investing time in comprehending their unique skills, proficiencies, and interests. Whether addressing minor coding exercises or intricate projects, Josh remains accessible to furnish comprehensive explanations and address any queries students might have.
As a teacher, Josh proposes the following educational methods:
  1. Constructing Brief and Regular Code Snippets: Emphasizing frequent coding exercises and solving challenges to reinforce learning.
  2. Developing Comprehensive, Hands-On Projects: Focusing on real-world applications to deepen understanding.
  3. Leveraging Online Coding and Collaborative Platforms: Utilizing platforms like, Google CoLab, and LeetCode for interactive learning and teamwork.
  4. Progressive Learning and Skill Building: Employing an iterative approach to build on previously acquired knowledge.
  5. Storytelling, Analogies, and Visualizations: Harnessing narrative techniques, analogies, and visual aids to enhance comprehension.
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