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Canadian primary and secondary schools used to be this way

2019-02-24 Elementary schools views
Canada's universal compulsory education law stipulates that "children aged between 6 and 16 must receive compulsory education". Based on this, both the federal government and the provincial governments of Canada attach great importance to education, and the investment in education funds is among the highest in the world. What Canada implements is perfect free compulsory education, from kindergarten to high school, the student not only does not need to pay the tuition fee, even does not need to pay the textbook fee, some schools even provide the free lunch, the free school bus picks up the student. Over there the child begins school commonly 5 years old, can study in nursery school one year first, enter primary school when 6 years old, the school begins at the beginning of September every year, end of next year June academic year ends, but can have 3 semesters commonly, usually Christmas day has a holiday two weeks, the spring of end of march also can have a holiday.


For the entrance of primary and secondary schools, Canada does not have a strict admission system, is generally nearby admission, each stage to obtain the corresponding credits can graduate smoothly, under normal circumstances a student can obtain 30 credits, and 16 of the learning into compulsory courses, you can obtain a diploma. In terms of grade assessment, the school grades the children according to their comprehensive factors. There is no ranking in the class, and the examination methods vary from person to person. Finally, the children's academic performance is evaluated in the form of grades and comments.


Basic education in Canada has long been well known. In addition to the whole country's emphasis on education, the improvement of the education system, and its emphasis on the cultivation of teachers is inseparable. According to the official data of Canada, the annual salary of teachers in Canada generally can reach 200,000 to 400,000 yuan, which is not as poor as those in the domestic education industry. However, similar to the domestic situation, in Canada, the competition for teachers as a high-new and high-welfare occupation is quite fierce, which requires a series of selection and admission.


In general, a teacher who becomes a teacher in the public education board of Canada must have a bachelor's degree. In addition, he/she must have received a bachelor's degree in education through more than two years of training in the school of education affiliated with the local public university. Only after the teaching practice can the teacher obtain the teacher qualification certificate, and the teacher with the teacher qualification certificate can apply for a job in the local education bureau. Finally, after the comprehensive evaluation and interview by the committee, it is possible to be admitted as a teacher in a public school. In addition, teachers in Canada are directly affiliated to the provincial education bureau, and the relationship with school management is not so close, so Canadian teachers have a certain degree of autonomy in the education of students, and do not need to complete too many tasks assigned by their superiors. At the same time, teachers who have successfully applied for posts will cherish their hard-won positions.


Therefore, an excellent education system is closely related to a sound education system and the unsparing cultivation of teachers. Although China has created the miracle of a poor country's education in the past 40 years of reform and opening up, there is still a long way to go for an excellent and perfect education system.

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