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2019-05-25 Examination views
SSAT is known as “American Secondary School Entrance Examination”. This exam mainly tests student’s math, language and reading comprehension skills. It is significant when students apply for private schools in the United States and Canada. For students of different ages, SSAT is divided into two levels: the upper level and the lower level.
·      The Upper Level:  for students who are currently in grades 8-11, with a score range of 1500-2400.
·      The Lower Level: for students who are currently in grades 5-7. The lower grade range is 1500-2400.
The exam format and time are exactly the same, except that the difficulty is different from the total score.
It is necessary to score at lease 2000 scores or more to be competitive. Each test also gives a single percentage score (percentile).This achievement is based on comparing the scores of the candidates with the results of the people in the same grade in the past three years. It will be more indicative when issued at the time of application.
​SSAT consists of four parts: writing, vocabulary, reading and math
After the reform of the SSAT test, the content of the test was added. The test time is 15 minutes; the test content includes 5 questions in mathematics, 5 questions in reading, and 6 questions in vocabulary.
Score: The writing part is not scored. The other part has 1 point for answering one question, 1/4 point for answering one question, and 0 point for not answering the question. The candidate's score is the sum of the correct answer, the wrong answer, and the unanswered three-part score, and then converted to the final score.
SSAT’s results are important, but many top private high schools also value the SSAT’s percentile. SSAT’s percentile, that is, the candidate compared with other candidates of the same grade and other levels in the world in the past three years, the higher the percentage, the better the score (1%-90%).
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