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2021-09-14 雅思 阅读

Describe a popular actor or actress in your country 

You should say:
Who he or she is? 
How you knew him or her?
What comedies has he or she performed?
And explain why he or she is popular?

I am a film buff and there are a number of actors that I find interesting but I can say my all-time favorite one is Akbar Abdi. He is this comic actor who has received a number of national awards for his movies in my country. 

His first appearance on TV was particularly memorable as he was playing the role of an overweight 7-year old while he himself was, in fact, in his late 20s. This was an instant success and it brought him recognition and perpetual admiration. People of all age groups were fascinated by his looks as well as the way he spoke. His success did not stop there as he proved to be a potent actor capable of playing a wide range of other roles from acting as a super funny grandma to acting as an incredibly dumb cop ridiculed by a thief. Although he is well remembered for his less serious roles, he has acted in some serious dramas as well. The reason most people, I included, adore him is his unique skill set and his zest for taking on roles that are really complex and demand an overwhelming amount of work. Even in his 60s, he is still popular as the majority of young people love his earlier movies and his recent works are of superb quality. Personality wise, I imagine he is unique in many ways. His characteristic candor is easily observable when criticizes government officials ruthlessly but in a humorous way. More importantly, he is socially conscious and he has helped raise funds for the victims of various natural disasters. Although he is grappling with diabetes nowadays, he has not given up acting and his appearance in most movies is tantamount to guaranteed box-office. 


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