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You should spend about 40 minutes on this task.

Write about the following topic


Some people say students should be encouraged to play teams sports rather than individuals sports in their physical education courses.  


To what extent do you agree with this idea. 


Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience.

Write at least 250 words.







So central is physical education to students’ health that most schools dedicate a notable portion of the time students spend at school to playing sports. 1Nevertheless, there is not much agreement as to the types of sports that are to be played. 2Popular belief is that incorporating team sports invariably yields better results. 3I fully subscribe to this view in that such sports guarantee further   cooperation among students and facilitate the acquisition of problem-solving skills.4


Of the many desirable psychological and attitudinal impacts of playing team sports, one that particularly stands out is learning how to cherish team values instead of personal pursuits. 5Undoubtedly, when students buy into the idea of being a team member, they need to possess a spirit of teamwork to help accomplish team goals. One tangible and practical outcome of such cooperation is students will appreciate the value of working in concert with others and learn to apply their experiences to new domains; they will notice the failure of one to work with others is tantamount to the failure of all members. 6By contrast, students more inclined to play individuals sports, such as martial arts, cannot come to such realizations.7


More importantly, being spontaneous in improvising new strategies in the face of unanticipated challenges can best be realized through team sports. 8These sports provide countless opportunities requiring students to master skills essential to figuring out ways to deal with problems. It is noteworthy that   individual sports- owing to the limited number of variables at play- often turn out to be predictable and leave individuals alone with their weaknesses9, whereas in team sports, players build on each other’s strengths to come up with creative solutions to manage the   unexpected.10


To recap11, noticing the unique opportunities team sports provide- fostering team spirit and furthering cooperation among students as well as teaching them the value of problem-solving skills to the   success of a team- educators should give them greater priority.12



Outline Notes


1Show the importance of the issue using relevant keywords.


2State the existing problem.


3Refer to the popular belief.


4State your view and briefly mention your reasons.


5Introduce the first reason for your stance and elaborate on it.


6Justify and support your first reason with logical reasons.


Make brief comparisons where necessary.


Signpost the second reason and introduce it.


Adequately explain this view using logical arguments and relevant examples.


10 Make brief comparisons where necessary.  


11 Use phrases like to recap to signpost the conclusion.


12 Summarise your thesis and your main reasons for it.



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