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2021-09-17 雅思 阅读

You should spend about 20 minutes on this task.



You recently went to a concert and thought one of the singers was very good. You want to tell him how you feel.


Write a letter to the singer. In your letter


 Say how you feel about his performance

 Give details of your musical activities

 Explain how you would like him to help you with your musical activities



Write at least 150 words

You do NOT need to write any addresses.


Begin your letter as follows:

Dear .....,  






1Dear Tony Malton,


2I was privileged to attend your performance last evening and I must say I was impressed by your on-stage presence and vocal range.  The crowd’s response was incredible. I was seated in the back with a few bandmates. We had been told about what unique experiences your concerts are and we were not disappointed. The spontaneous standing ovation and the following encore were definitely memorable highlights.


3 We are a talent development agency with a proven track record in the music industry.  We represent many up and coming and established artists, including BTS, Rush, and Drake to name a few. We are in a position to provide a team of the best production assistants, engineers and writers and would like to offer you a recording and development contract.  We would love to have the opportunity of working with you; call us if you have any questions. 


I am sure with our representation and assistance we can take your act to a whole new level and introduce your music to an international audience.


6 David Watson,


Talent Scout for Shooting Star Agency



1. Salutation

2. Opening

3. Background Details

4. Main Intent

5. Reason of Importance

6. Appreciation and closing

7. Complimentary close

8. Signature Line


Analysis 分析


Thinking outside the box, you have to ask yourself who would write such a letter and what the motivation behind it would be. If the writer is just a fan, what would they have to offer the performer? Who would be in a position to help? Obviously, it has to be someone within the music industry, like a talent agent or recording executive who wants to recruit talented young artists. Now, you have found your voice and writing the letter becomes easier. Also, as a trick to add a sense of anticipation, the writer hides his identity until the end of the letter. Highlighted are the interesting vocabulary and phrases that added to the level of this essay. 




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