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思培,全称为Canadian English Language Proficiency Index Program. 思培考试适用于加拿大的移民和入籍,相比于雅思考试,更侧重于生活和加拿大的风土人情。思培分为移民(General Test)和入籍(General LS Test)两种考试。入籍思培考试只需完成听力和口语,移民则需要完成听说读写四项。




Task 2: Responding to Survey Questions


Read the following information.



Family Picnics

The City Manager is surveying the opinion of the community about family picnics held in public parks. On the one hand, public parks are created for people to enjoy nature. On the other hand, large family gatherings can be noisy and occupy a lot of park space. The City Manager has asked you to complete an opinion survey.


Choose the option that you prefer. Why do you prefer your choice? Explain the reasons for your choice. Write about 150-200 words.

选择你倾向的论点。你为什么更倾向你的选择? 解释你选择的原因。写150-200字左右。


Option A: Family picnics should not be allowed in public parks.


Option B: Family picnics should be allowed in parks.





CLB 9分范文 


strongly believe that family picnics should be allowed in public parks. However, we do need to promote the culture of sound picnicking as well.


In the current world where people keep to themselves under the pretext of privacy, family picnics can provide a family member with a great chance to communicate and catch up more with each other in order to build stronger social bonds. A great place for such an occasion can be public parks.


First, here in Vancouver, public parks are abundant and within walking distance, so families can easily have access to a nearby park by walking which can be a good exercise to keep fit as well.


Second, it gives children a great chance to socialize with other kids and enjoy outdoor activities. Kids are already bombarded with electronic gadgets and technological advancements, so family picnics are a chance to set them apart from the gadgets to experience real-life situations. Needless to say, playing games is an indispensable part of our kids’ growth.


Last, we do need to learn the culture of this practice. On the one side, city districts can install more recycling bins and trashes to help people with their litters to keep cities clean. On the other, people should learn to avoid bringing cars to keep the parks clean and less noisy.


I do think if the above conditions are met, more and more people would like to enjoy time with family in public parks.


 (240 Words)






Promote: improve: elevate

Under the pretext of: for the reason of

Abundant: more than enough: plentiful

Walking distance: pretty close

Socialize with: mix with; interact with

Bombarded: receive a lot of

Set apart: free

Needless to say: there is no need to mention

Indispensable: necessary





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