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思培 > 思培阅读理解:Part 2 阅读图表(2)

思培阅读理解:Part 2 阅读图表(2)

2021-09-28 思培 阅读



思培,全称为Canadian English Language Proficiency Index Program. 思培考试适用于加拿大的移民和入籍,相比于雅思考试,更侧重于生活和加拿大的风土人情。思培分为移民(General Test)和入籍(General LS Test)两种考试。入籍思培考试只需完成听力和口语,移民则需要完成听说读写四项。




Part 2: Reading to Apply a Diagram


Time Allotted: 9 Minutes

Read the following email message about the diagram on the top. 




Subject: Gardening


Hey Lucy,

Any interest in planting a vegetable garden? It’d be a great way to get cheap, nutritious food. I know you’re not a fan of dirt, but it could be fun! Check out the brochure!

Since we’re first time gardeners, I’d suggest starting with something simple. Obviously, we’d want to avoid growing 1…………………………………………Also, our yard is very sunny, so it could be difficult to grow 2………………………………Of course. we’d definitely need to plant pumpkin, since, as you know, I love pumpkin pies. We could work something out even though they require 3……………………………For fresh pie, we accept the challenge!

Let’s check out the gardening center after dinner. It sounds like the 4……………………………place in town. Also, I’ll stop by the library for a gardening guide since the brochure doesn’t provide complete information for each plant. The brochure mentions harvest time for only 5………………………

That’s something we’d definitely need to know!






Questions 1-5:


Complete the email by filling in the blanks. Select the best choice for each blank from the answers



o watermelon


o peas


o tomatoes


o carrots



o spinach


o peas


o watermelon


o carrots



o plenty of space


o warm and dry soil


o lots of shade


o specialized seed compost



o most helpful


o busiest


o largest


o most popular



o carrots and spinach


o watermelon and peas


o spinach and tomatoes


o pumpkin and carrots



Questions 6-8:


Choose the best option according to the information given in the message.


6. What does Lucy want Alan to do?


o call the garden center   for information


o research the harvest   time of each plant


o make a pumpkin pie for   dinner


o plant a vegetable garden   with him


7. Why does Alan think a garden is a good idea?


o   He knows Lucy would enjoy it.


o   It is an affordable way to eat healthy food.


o   It will fill empty space in their yard.


o   He feels they don’t eat enough healthy food.


8. Why did Alan attach the brochure to his email?


o   to show her the new gardening in town


o   to provide examples of things they can grow


o   to encourage Lucy to plant a garden again


o   to explain what he’ll be doing this summer


Answer Key & Explanation






As the diagram shows, planting watermelon is difficult.





According to the diagram, spinach grows best in shady conditions, so a sunny yard doesn’t fit the growth of spinach.



plenty of space


The diagram says growing pumpkin requires lots of room to grow. 



most helpful


Lemongrass   Gardening Center says “we are here to make your garden a success”.   They hold workshops every week, and they have knowledgeable staff for interested customers to turn to.



carrots and spinach


According to the diagram, carrots can be harvested at any size, so the time of the harvest doesn’t matter. 

Spinach can be picked when its leaves are 7-10 cm long. 


plant a vegetable garden with him


At the beginning of his letter, Alan tells Lucy, “Any interest in planting a vegetable garden?” 



It is an affordable way to   eat healthy food


Alan thinks planting vegetables is a great way to get cheap, nutritious food.



to provide examples of things they can grow


The brochure claims it can help people grow their own organic garden with their own selection of fruit and vegetable seeds.



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